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F Series

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Kollmorgen F/FH (high voltage) Series Frameless Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) motors utilize a proprietary neodymium-iron magnet rotor structure and skewed armature assembly to provide excellent levels of torque/volume. The windings are encapsulated with high temperature epoxy, which provides excellent thermal properties and mechanical protection. Their high magnetic pole count design produces exceptionally low cogging for smoother low speed operation in applications such as coating and wafer handling.

The F/FH Series is the first UL recognized frameless parts set available on the market. This provides machinery manufacturers with the benefits of UL component ratings for easier agency approval on their machines.

The F/FH Series is available with pre-configured drives and feedback devices that provide a complete speed/torque solution for your compact, frameless motor applications.


  • 连续转矩5.48~369 N-m,应用灵活。
  • 转速高达500RPM,符合大多数的高扭矩、低转速应用要求。
  • 功率高达2170W,符合大多数应用的大功率要求。
  • UL认证,全球通用。
  • 栓合转子总成,便于快速设计和安装。
  • 齿槽效应低,低速运转平稳。
  • 绕组封装在高温环氧树脂内,具有极高的热力学和机械保护性能。
  • 预组态的放大器和反馈装置,易于系统安装和上线调试。
  • 负载和电机共用一套轴承支撑,降低了机械维护工作量。
  • 直接连接负载,减小了机器尺寸。