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Kollmorgen Design Tool area is devoted to software engineering tools that aid the system designer from design conception through implementation. These tools range from simple searches to complex expert systems using Mechanical and Electromechanical products and solutions.

Kollmorgen工程设计工具是一种协助伺服系统设计人员完成从概念设计到实施的软件工具。 这些工具遍及从简单搜索到采用机械和机电产品和解决方案的到复杂专家系统。


针对Kollmorgen产品的尺寸确定和选择工具,包括我们最近发布的针对定位滑片的直线MOTIONEERING® 尺寸确定工具。


一种基于属性的产品搜索工具,便于Kollmorgen产品查找。 通过“产品顾问(Product Advisors)”,可以根据用户输入,选择Kollmorgen产品,例如: 品牌,扭矩要求,最大转速,电源电压,外形尺寸,重量,额定值等,智能化的搜索环境,所有搜索均有结果。

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2D/3D CAD Models

3D CAD 模型

有一个动态页面给出了所有具有 3D 模型的产品。

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MOTIONEERING® Sizing and Selection Application Engine

Micron MOTIONEERING® Sizing, Selection, and Quoting Tool

NEW! Micron MOTIONEERING® is our new web-based application sizing, selection, and quoting tool for Thomson Micron gearheads - complete with 3D model download. Two simple modes of operation make selection easy to perform. After selecting a primary configuration for mounting and ratio, simply enter your application requirements for torque, speed, and load.

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Linear MOTIONEERING® Sizing, Selection, and Quoting Tool

Motion Solutions

Motion Solutions, from Kollmorgen, contains a number of helpful motion control application aids and product specifications to assist design engineers in building economical, easy-to-apply motion control systems.

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Engineer's Toolbar


Kollmorgen提供有方便的工程工具栏,便于通用技术计算。 该工具同时适用于工程师和学生。

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