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AGV Solutions

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Whether you build large vehicles carrying 20-ton steel rolls or carriers for microchips in clean room environments, Kollmorgen is your partner for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems.

The productivity and safety improvements experienced by the over 15 000 Kollmorgen equipped AGVs - in the pulp and paper-, steel-, food-, automotive-, electronics-, ceramics- and entertainment segments - is now being applied in other industries.

Our continuous quest for innovation and improvement in quality, cost and delivery has positioned us as the leading AGV system provider.

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NDC Suite

NDC Suite, which is the standard solution for AGV controls, consists of hardware and software products, the NDC8 platform, services, solutions and concepts.

NDC8 is a generic AGV controls platform designed to support different applications in different market segments. Using AGVs based on NDC8 in daily operation gives you a system that is easy to operate, maintain, reconfigure and extend. NDC8 is a complete, robust solution based on high quality products and proven technology that will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

For AGV suppliers who design and manufacture AGVs, it is key to have an AGV control solution that is easy to customize, integrate, commission and maintain.

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Increase capacity and decrease costs - these are the main challenges distribution centers are facing today. With Pick-n-Go you can meet these challenges without having to spend a fortune. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: Let the staff and trucks work together.

Wherever a worker goes to pick an article, a truck automatically follows. This way, Pick-n-Go eliminates time-consuming activities like jumping on and off trucks or fetching empty pallets. The time saved can be translated into improved order-picking productivity (often doubled), lower operational costs or a combination of both.

Pick-n-Go also makes sure the trucks are always in the right place with the forks at the right height. Reduced risk of work-related injuries, fewer picking mistakes and less risk of damage to goods and parcels are some of the benefits.

Based on a flexible controls platform, Pick-n-Go works with any truck brand or model. You easily integrate Pick-n-Go with your warehouse management systems and picking equipment systems such as Pick-by-Voice. In addition, it is a system with proven performance in thousands of driverless applications.

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LS5 Navigator

The new LS5 Navigator is designed for rough conditions. Why? Because there are so many potential applications for automated guided vehicles in the cold and wet. Think harbors. Think loading platforms. Think cold storage. Your business opportunities are practically endless.

Down to -30°C. Up to +50°C. No optical condensation at 95% relative humidity. LS5 Navigator manages severe conditions. Being the fifth generation of laser navigation sensors from Kollmorgen, LS5 Navigator also includes lots of other improvements. Direct drive motor with few moving parts and a new optics system are some examples.

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