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GLMC Company

G & L Motion Control systems offer motion controllers, servo motors and drives, operator interfaces and a host of software to provide a single-source control solution. These controls are applied to a wide variety of machines including, but not limited to packaging, converting, welding, assembly, winding, routing, robotics, punching and polishing.了解更多 GLMC Company

C/BASIC Program Controls

C/BASIC Programmable Controls offers a machine builder high performance SynqNet motion control in both PC-based and stand-alone formats with support for servo and stepper drives. With available SynqNet I/O and a comprehensive package of programming libraries and software tools, our C/BASIC programmable controls will help you build a better machine, faster.了解更多 C/BASIC Program Controls

PC Based Controls

PC Based Controls

SynqNet® motion controllers provide machine builders with the ultimate in high-performance motion control. Available in industry standard PCI and PCI form factors.了解更多 PC Based Controls


Controlling the future.
Extensive experience in lift truck and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) applications provides a solid foundation in the development of premier electric vehicle control technologies. The powerful and flexible control systems enables manufacturers to concentrate on their core competency; develop unique vehicle characteristics and get to market faster than ever. Wireless service and diagnostic options ease vehicle maintenance and reduce down-time. Consider Kollmorgen your control system specialist.了解更多 EVS



IEC61131控制器可用于各种机器领域,包括包装机械、纸加工机械、焊机、组装、组装机械、绕线机、打槽机、机械手、抛光机和打孔机等。 作为全球领先的运动控制解决方案提供商,丹纳赫传动公司致力于提供优质,高速的伺服系统,以满足各个领域部门的严格要求。了解更多 IEC61131控制器