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How to Choose a Motion Bus

March 27, 2010 - A new motion control project has landed on your desk, you know that it makes sense to connect automation components together using a network, but with so many competing networks to choose from how can you make the right choice? This article will attempt to make sense of what is a complex and at times, confusing picture.

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Integrated Model-Based Machine Design with Motion

March 19, 2010 - Motion control applications are becoming increasingly challenging with higher performance, lower weight requirements, and increased functionality. Meeting these challenges often requires complex control algorithms, which call for more expertise and longer development time. In addition, the software is usually not tested until hardware prototypes are available which leads to many errors that require extensive re-coding. This design challenge is increased by the fact that manpower reductions are frequently forcing mechanical engineers to take over control system software development and testing functions that were previously handled by specialists.

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Servo Controls Deliver Performance Benefits for Medical Imaging Systems
March 17, 2010

Medical imaging technology has rapidly advanced in recent years, increasing the speed and resolution of the images it produces. These advances have shifted the limiting factor on the time required to complete a scan and the quality of the resulting image from the imaging technology to the motion control system. As a result, medical imaging original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have begun looking for alternatives to the AC induction motors traditionally used to position imaging gantries...

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How Today's Flexible Digital Servo Drives Help OEMs Build a Better Machine, Faster February 17, 2010

Advances in digital hardware technology and software innovations now allow for a single digital servo drive to be configured to work in a variety of machine control architectures.
So what, you say? The advantage to the machine builder is that he/she only needs to work with one drive from a single vendor to fulfill a variety of applications...

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Electro-Magnetic Interference Reduction Techniques
February 15, 2010

EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) comes in different forms, frequencies, and levels. Electronic equipment has different categories for both emissions and susceptibility. Under normal circumstances elimination is not possible so reduction to acceptable levels is what can be reasonably achieved. Coupling factors, rise time, emissions and susceptibility are phrases that must be understood with confidence. It is less "Black Art" than the urban legends lead...

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