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Linear MOTIONEERING® Sizing & Selection Tool

Linear MOTIONEERING® is a web-based application sizing and selection tool for linear positioning slide systems. Enter application parameters in five simple steps for just about any slide orientation. Application needs are filtered through a comprehensive set of calculations; such as linear bearing load/life, ballscrew load/life, and ballscrew critical speed and produce a set of product solutions tailored precisely to your application requirements. Once a product solution is selected, choose from a wide assortment of accessories, motors, and motor mounts. Program outputs include interactive 3D models, list prices, delivery times, and ordering information.

Linear MOTIONEERING® Features:

  • Three different of functionality modules:

    1) Sizing and Selection module is the all encompassing process that accepts application information and delivers a range of suitable products.
    2) Configure Your Solution module is for people who are familiar with Kollmorgen positioning slide brands and want to quickly configure a part number.
    3) Lookup by Part Number modules allows you to confirm current pricing and part number configuration.
  • Only requires user input of key application parameters: mounting configuration, load positioning, environmental constraints, loading conditions and move requirements.
  • Environmental conditions of an application are critical in determining the correct material selection, cover strategy, and lubrication scheme. Too often these are overlooked. Linear MOTIONEERING analyzes environmental factors and protects you from unpleasant surprises.
  • 3D CAD models of your unique solution are available for download in neutral file formats or native CAD files for all major CAD software packages (20+ formats available)
  • Product options such as motor mounts, limit switches, feedback options and load holding brakes are available. A smart part number makes ordering easy. Delivery information and email quotes are right there too.


  • 三种功能模式:
    • 1) 尺寸和选型模块是一个全面的过程,它可以接收应用信息,并提供多种合适的产品。
    • 2) Configure Your Solution 设置您的解决方案,为熟悉Danaher Motion产品并希望快速设置部件号的用户提供帮助。
    • 3) Lookup by Part Number 可以帮助您确认当前的价格和部件号设置情况。
  • 用户只需要输入重要的应用参数即可:包括安装配置、负载定位、环境限制、负载条件以及移动要求。
  • 应用环境条件对选择合适的材料,遮盖策略和润滑方法是非常关键的。在很多情况下这些因素都会被忽略。Linear MOTIONEERING 功能可以分析环境因素,防止出现意外情况。
  • 您可以使用中立文件格式或本地CAD文件为所有重要的CAD软件包下载专用解决方案的3D CAD模型(一共可以提供20多种格式)。
  • 产品还提供了一些可选功能,比如电机支架、限位开关、反馈选项以及负载固定闸。通过智能化的部件编号系统,可以方便地订购产品。另外还提供了发货信息和电子邮件报价功能。


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