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Motion Solutions

Motion Solutions, from Kollmorgen, contains a number of helpful motion control application aids and product specifications to assist design engineers in building economical, easy-to-apply motion control systems. The new version of Motion Solutions is now available by CD-ROM (free of charge) or by download (see below). You can either install just the sizing software or the entire package which includes presentations, manuals and tutorials, etc.

Our new version includes:

  • Support for sizing the AKM, CDDR and DDR motors
  • Technical information and manuals on the Digital MMC
  • The ability to size a lift cam application
  • Enhanced graphing capability of the motion profile
  • The ability to create a master/slave motion profile in sizing instead of a point-to-point profile
  • The ability to export your motion profile in a format that can be used directly by PiCPro.
Software Versions Brands Links
Motion Solutions - V4.0.1 Minimal Install
MS_Setup_V4.0.1_20Oct08(min).zip (33 MB)
G&L drives
w/ Kollmorgen servomotors
Download V4.0.1 MINIMAL Install
Motion Solutions - V4.0.1 Full Install
MS_Setup_V4.0.1_20Oct08(full).zip (464 MB)
G&L drives
w/ Kollmorgen servomotors
Download V4.0.1 FULL Install