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MOTIONEERING® Application Engine

MOTIONEERING® Application Engine uses a project concept for the collection and saving of multiple axes of load information. This provides the user the flexibility to sum the effects of multiple axes of motion for power supply and shunt regeneration sizing.

A wide variety of mechanisms are accommodated including leadscrew, rack and pinion, conveyor, nip rolls, rotary, and direct data entry. Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motors have their own unique sizing algorithms and product databases to search from. The database consists of hundreds of systems of product including housed brushless and DC servos, frameless brushless servos and direct drive linear brushless servos and steppers. Product brands include Pacific Scientific, Kollmorgen, Pacific Scientific and IDC.

The Application Engine also provides versatile unit selection options for mechanism and motion profile data entry with the ability to convert data into other available units. On-line help explains program functions and the definition of terms and equations used in the program.

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Mechanism Projects

  • Direct Drive Entry, Lead Screw, Conveyor
  • Rack and Pinion, Nip rolls
  • Direct Drive Rotary, Direct Drive Linear
  • Electric Cylinder
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Systems included:

  • Rotary Motor Systems: Servomotor, Direct Drive Rotary, Stepper motors
  • Linear Positioning Systems: Electric cylinders, Rodless actuators, Precision Tables
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Solution Set Search Screen

  • color-coded indication of systems abililty to meet application requirements
  • review system components specifications
  • save, print, or create a pdf application report
  • evaluate system performance curve with application points