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Wind Turbine Systems

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Kollmorgen has provided superior motion control solutions behind the productivity, durability and precision of some of the world’s most complex and difficult machines. Our specialized products have become the standard for the critical demands of the aerospace, defense and medical industries. Kollmorgen’s industrial hybrid systems offer energy savings and greater efficiencies to today’s heavy work vehicles. Our durable motion control components help to safely and reliably move elevators full of people 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Kollmorgen’s Pitch Control System is borne from this heritage of highly engineered motion. Our groundbreaking motors, drives and controllers give you the ability to create environmentally rugged wind turbines that reach new levels of efficiency, safety and reliability. Kollmorgen also improves your overall product manufacturing and performance through a global engineering and operations network that delivers regional product support and delivery, wherever your facilities are located...

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Control System Components

Trust Kollmorgen for optimal performance and longevity. We are the only pitch system provider that manufactures our own motors and drives. So, we have absolute control over the supply chain and manufacturing process. The net result is high-quality components every time.

CANopen® Controller – This innovative, open-communication bus has become a broad-based industry standard. It continually monitors the communication status, drive and motor temperature, available emergency power, limit switches, motor brake status and feedback. The CANopen Controller then broadcasts this information to networked devices. Upon power loss or system failure, the CANopen controller immediately positions the blades into the “safe” position to efficiently stop rotation.

Low Voltage and High Voltage Drives – These rugged drives are built to withstand the vibrations, shocks and extreme operating-temperature conditions that wind turbines encounter every day. Their compact size is ideal for meeting the space constraints within the rotor hub.

AC Servo Motor – Our brushless, permanent magnetic motor trumps induction-motor capabilities in dynamic performance as well as physical size. Due to their brushless design, they are smaller, lighter and more efficient than comparable Brush DC motors. Individual Pitch Control places ever-higher demands on the Pitch System motors, making AC Servo the technology of choice for the future.

Backup Power – As the last resort to stopping the turbine, all Pitch Control Systems utilize some form of backup power in order to feather the blades in the event of an emergency situation. Kollmorgen’s backup power is tailored to your demands. This includes batteries, ultra-capacitors, or even a hybrid solution offering the best of both options. The exact size and number of components is optimized for each wind turbine design.