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6 Axis DC Motor Drive

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The 6-axis servo amplifier designed to work with DC brush servomotors. Each axis is independent, and can be set up to do velocity or position control on the motor. Communication with the amplifier and control of the functionality and the motion is via RS-232 serial communications.
Each axis can be set up in Position or Velocity mode. In the Velocity Mode, a JOG instruction will cause the motor to be rotated at a constant speed as defined by the user. In Position Mode, point-to-point incremental or absolute position is commanded based on acceleration, deceleration and cruise velocity parameters. The drive generates a message when the motion profile is complete.
Configured by setting the values of drive parameters. These parameters have mnemonics; setting a parameter entails transmitting the mnemonic and its value to the drive.
Each axis has its own over-travel inputs, with one of the inputs functioning as a Home input as well. 16 General Purpose inputs and 16 General Purpose outputs are supported on a dedicated I/O connector. The I/O port includes power for driving external sensors.


Communications Interface
Communications with the drive is done using an RS-232 interface, running at 9600bps.
Electrical Interface
• Bus Voltage 12 – 24VDC
• Logic Power Derived internally from the bus power
• Motor Power 1.4A RMS continuous / 2.1A RMS peak per axis
Motor Types
Drive DC brush servomotors.
Motor Feedback
• Quadrature Encoder, up to 1MHz
• Differential (RS-422) or single-ended (TTL)
Dedicated I/O
•Dedicated over-travel limit inputs. The CCW over-travel input doubles as a Home input.
General-Purpose I/O
• 16 general-purpose inputs
• 16 general-purpose outputs
The following diagnostic capabilities are provided on the XDC
• Data recording of velocity, position and position error
• Fault messages explaining which fault has occurred
• Fault history, with the 10 most recent faults