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CD Series 5

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The ServoSTAR CD Series 5 is a high-performance digital servo motor amplifier, supporting current, velocity, or position mode. Numerous position control options are offered, ranging from the classical ±10Vdc command, through encoder following and pulse-and-direction, all the way to SynqNet and SERCOS control. Choose from four velocity control algorithms to optimize performance on your system, and use the function to quickly and easily achieve high performance operation. The CD Series 5 is a highly versatile servo amplifier, capable of driving a vast product basket of motors and their assorted feedback devices. The drive comes in sizes of 3, 6, 10 and 20 amp output current. All are packaged in a small frame size to minimize cabinet space required.


  • 可供货输入电压为交流 110 至 240 AC 的型号
  • 支持旋转变压器、编码器和正弦编码器等反馈方式
  • 单相或三相输入,电流大小为3, 6, 10, 20 安培