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工业解决方案Root element is missing.B8000 Series(2)


The B8000 Series is a 5 amp continuous, 10 amp peak, digital brushless servo drive. Using DSP technology, it provides high performance closed loop servo control to a wide variety of permanent magnet brushless and brushed servo motors and actuators offered by IDC. The B8001 and B8501 drives are designed for easy setup and operation including step and direction, analog velocity, analog torque, and analog position control. The B8961 and B8962 controllers use the same amplifier along with an integrated programmable indexer.

IDC’s B8961 and B8962, one and two axis Smart Drives, combine a DSP based servo amplifier with a powerful, but easy to use, machine controller. We offer a single axis version (B8961) and a dual axis version (B8962). The B8962 has two axes of independently configurable amplifiers. Both products incorporate IDC’s 5 amp continuous, 10 amp peak, 120/230VAC, digital servo amplifier with a motion/machine controller in a single, compact package. Up to 24 digital I/O are available to control other machine functions. Up to 8 of these can be configured as digital or analog inputs or outputs.