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Pick-n-Go® Teamwork for productivity

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Increase capacity and decrease costs - these are the main challenges distribution centers are facing today. With Pick-n-Go you can meet these challenges without having to spend a fortune. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: Let the staff and trucks work together.

Wherever a worker goes to pick an article, a truck automatically follows. This way, Pick-n-Go eliminates time-consuming activities like jumping on and off trucks or fetching empty pallets. The time saved can be translated into improved order-picking productivity (often doubled), lower operational costs or a combination of both.

Pick-n-Go also makes sure the trucks are always in the right place with the forks at the right height. Reduced risk of work-related injuries, fewer picking mistakes and less risk of damage to goods and parcels are some of the benefits.

Based on a flexible controls platform, Pick-n-Go works with any truck brand or model. You easily integrate Pick-n-Go with your warehouse management systems and picking equipment systems such as Pick-by-Voice. In addition, it is a system with proven performance in thousands of driverless applications.

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